About Crescent Real Estates

The company was floated in 1997. A new world takes shape that is all set to redefine contemporary living. The place where the finest lifestyle features, international facilities. Crescent is one of the largest development projects. Designed to change the very skyline of Hyderabad, Crescent has redefined the concept of sub-urban living away from the hazards of pollution and concrete jungles of city life.

Over the years our valued clients have come to associate us with reliability, trust and enthusiastic approach to projects, Crescent will be an address to be a spired for. Breathtaking vistas, landscaped gardens and high-rise living combine to create an experience that is unique and spectacular.

Crescent Real Estates believes that dream homes require that effect of fine buildings, good environment and well planned amenities as houses reflect upon the temperament, disposition and energy that the occupant drawn from it.

Crescent Real Estate delivers exptraordinarily high standards of excellence to escalate the lifestyle of its residents and improve their uality of life. It believes in creating fines urban houses that symbolize opulent lifestyle. And all this is done with a sharp eye to detail and providing maximum value & best apreciation on the property ot its customers.

At Crescent Real Estate 'Bringing quality to life' is synonymous to every aspect of their business, policies and deals. No phase of their developmental activty goes untouched by it.

A company that stands tall on honoring deliveries on time and has a passion for satisfying customers, we believe that our excellence is drawn upon due to well-planed and committed team playing efforts.

Crescent Real Estate maintain exemplari relationship with their associates making each home timeless peece of contemporary yet modern living space.

Quality Policy: To deliver high quality, durable and long-lasting apartment homes with all required common amenities, and providing complete value for money spent.

Vision: The company's vision is: "To be recognized as the brand of quality excellence in the property development industry confiming to the precise standards and to earn the trust and respect for the intrinsic values and ethics of the company."

Mission: The core mission is: "To build world-class homes keeping up with the responsibility towards the society and environment. To satisfy the buyer with quality, puchtuality and transparency in our policies."

Goal: To be one of the Best Property Developers in the country and to provide high quality and affordable homes with value for money invested by the customer.